Project Scope

Remodeling any part of your home involves careful consideration which includes many details and decisions.  How much time this project will take depends on what has to be done and the materials being installed.  Listed below is a guideline for the different types of kitchen remodels that we frequently provide our clients:

Quick Turnaround Projects

By utilizing the existing footprint and using in stock cabinets, counter tops, and flooring, we can easily turn this type of remodel around in 3 weeks or less.

Mid-Range Remodel

These types of projects typically include removing a wall, some type of electrical work and using in stock cabinets, counter tops, and flooring.  These types of projects can be done in 4-5 weeks.

Customized Renovation

This is one of the more extensive types of remodeling projects that we provide our clients.  This type of project includes alterations to the foot print of your home, changes to plumbing, electrical & duct work, customized cabinets, in stock or customized counter tops, and flooring.  Depending on the arrival of customized materials, these types of projects can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks.

No matter what your project scope is, Craftsmen Service Company can help turn your remodeling dreams into reality.

Step 1.  Consultation


We'll come to your home to walk through the area(s) you'd like to remodel and explore how our team can best help you achieve your goals.


We want to fully understand who uses the space and the area(s) you're interested in remodeling.  From there we'll discuss your ideas, what can be done, and then work towards presenting our initial design concept for the remodeled area.

Depending on the scope of the project, we may schedule another visit to your home where we would bring in one of our Project Managers to review your unique job.  We believe in careful consideration to every detail before providing you with a quote.


We will provide you with a realistic quote of what your project will cost and with expectations of where you can achieve the best return for your money.  No matter what the size of the project is, our objective is to help you achieve the result you desire.  The hallmark of our business model is to let you know upfront if we can do what you want for your budget.

Step 2.  Preliminary Plan


Once we've gathered all of the details (e.g. measurements, appliance specifications, removing walls, expanding rooms, etc.), our Director of Design will present you with your unique 3D design concept and floor plan. This preliminary concept factors into consideration your goals and budget while showing you what your space can look like.


Our Director of Design and Project Manager will review the scope of work and confirm the budget estimate for your project.

Step 3.  Design Phase


During this stage, we'll discuss any changes and alterations to the preliminary plan.  Design elements, both functional and aesthetic, are fine tuned.  With your approval on changes to the agreed upon plan, our Director of Design will create a floor plan for you to review and approve.  


We will meet with you to finalize a set of plans that layout every aspect of your project.  


After confirming the scope of work, Final Design Plan, and estimated project cost, we're ready to sign a Design/Construction contract.  At this time a deposit is due.

Step 4.  Pre-Construction Meeting


Our experienced experts will confirm all measurements initially taken, counter top selections, cabinets, fixtures, finishes, and any appliance specifications. 


Once we've confirmed all specifications for the project, we'll be able to determine lead times for these elements and how those lead times factor into the project timeline.  At this point, we will give you a realistic estimated time to complete your project.  We will take into consideration any life events that are coming up for you or deadlines you may have.  We will be realistic and upfront about the amount of time your project will take to complete.

Step 5.  Construction 


Most of our clients are living in their home during construction. While the construction area may be a small percentage of the overall home area, our goal is to be mindful of our clients comfort and to keep our footprint to a minimum.  We do this by protecting surfaces and using dust control measures.


Most of the areas we renovate in our client's homes are their kitchens.  We know this room is used in your everyday life and it's important for you to know that during this time you will have limited use of this space.  While this is an exciting part of the project, we also understand it can be very stressful.  We will communicate upfront what to prepare for and provide you with daily updates. 

For projects that require cabinets, we require another payment once the cabinets are delivered to your home.  

Step 6.  The Finished Product


When construction is nearing completion, your Project Manager will create a “punch list” of items that need to be addressed.  We will then finish the project to ensures all items on the punch list are completed to your satisfaction.  Once that aspect of the project is done, final payment is required and you can begin enjoying your newly renovated area.


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